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David Zigdon

Active chairman

Dr. Adrian Paz, MD.

Co-founder & Medical Advisor


Danny Farin



Stapler devices are currently used for laparoscopic procedures in which it is necessary to remove and connect tissue in a fast, accurate and uniform manner.

However, the size of today’s large profile staplers, together with their limited conformability to tissue contour, are associated with the risk of post-procedure side effects to the patient.
Stepwise is developing an ultra-compact stapler that is compatible with 5mm trocar and that will preserve the same stapling methodology.

It promises better maneuverability than current staplers and its use will result in less trauma to the surrounding tissues and organs. 


The project has received support from the European Commission`s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 funding.

Ultra-compact 5mm laparoscopic stapler for thick tissue