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an innovative clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing novel pain relief treatments for osteoarthritis

Eyal Orion, MD, MBA

Founder and CEO


Innovative solutions for improving the outcome of bypass surgery and quality-of-life for patients

VGS develops innovative solutions to improve the outcome of bypass surgery and quality-of-life for bypass patients.  


VEST™, the company’s first product, is an external stent used to support saphenous vein grafts, giving cardiologists a new type of bypass conduit that changes the CABG paradigm and improves its long-term clinical outcome.

FRAME™  external support in peripheral bypass and reconstruction procedures


VIOLA™ is a novel clampless proximal anastomosis system that allows surgeons to minimize aortic manipulations during proximal anastomosis suturing that can lead to neurologic complications.


The company has secured CE marking for VEST™,  FRAME™ and initiated marketing in Europe.

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