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Building an innovative concept into a mature company is a long and difficult journey - with infinite challenges along the way. To smooth the process and help guarantee success, we provide our portfolio companies the right support at the right time.



Binding commitment and professionalism

RAD BioMed’s founders have been active leaders of Israel’s startup industry for many decades. We believe that the most important ingredient for building a great company is the commitment and vision of great entrepreneurs. We are fascinated by deep domain knowledge, a passion for excellence and humble intelligence. Our aim is to embark on a journey with you as an experienced partner that brings capital, company-building expertise and domain knowledge, helping assure that you succeed at building your company into a significant, sustainable enterprise.


Seed- and Series A-Investments

RAD BioMed generally invests at the Seed and Series A round stage. As active investors, we work closely with entrepreneurs to grow their companies, helping assure that they fully exploit the capital, know-how and expertise of RAD BioMed's community, operational team and consulting experts. We are always looking for exciting products, excellent entrepreneurs and unique business models that can benefit from our support. 
Our average investment ticket size is $500K-$2M, and we seek out early-stage companies that fit into our investment themes, primarily in Israel.


Co-Founding Ideas

We work together with great teams to launch projects from scratch, co-founding projects that begin with just an idea. Using the capabilities of our in-house staff as well as the founders of established companies with whom we maintain close contact, we are able to test and develop ideas quickly.  We combine innovative and disruptive ideas with excellent execution from the earliest stages and then continue with close mentoring until the company achieves sustainable success. 


We are looking for the next great idea. Is yours the one? 

We are always on the hunt for great ideas. We want to know what your business is all about and how it will change the world for the better – how it will make a difference. 

We invite you to educate us regarding the problem you aim to solve, the market it will affect and the approach you will take to succeed. 
But above all, we would like to know you and your team, because you are the key to your company’s success.

Tel: +972-3-7684929

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