Softwheel is developing

a next-generation wheel system that brings the ultimate combination of comfort and performance to wheelchairs, bicycles and automobiles.

RAD Biomed is an Israel-based evergreen family fund that invests in early-stage BioMed startups. We seek out companies with disruptive new solutions (based on biopharmaceuticals or medical devices) for some of the life science industry’s biggest challenges.  
We provide our investee companies with a strong foundation for growing and developing their concepts, including strategic and operational guidance, umbrella business infrastructure support and access to top scientific advisors.  





Great news from our incubator company VGS (Vascular Graft Solutions): the VEST™ application has passed all safety requirements and achieved an excellent patency rate.

Moebius has signed a license agreement with Sun Pharma. Moshe Weinstein, Moebius’s CEO, commented, "We are proud that our novel technology was conceived in Israel and developed within the RAD BioMed Accelerator.”

We are proud of the Laminate Medical Technologies team, who yesterday raised $8 million for the blood vessel support device that they developed within our incubator.

The RAD Group is a group of independent companies that develop, manufacture and market solutions for diverse segments of the networking and telecommunications industry. The RAD Group has been named "the most fertile ground" for developing Israeli entrepreneurs, having already produced 56 "serial entrepreneurs."


The RAD Group has decades of experience in guiding and nurturing startups as they grow towards commercial launch, sales growth and successful exit, (9 Nasdaq IPOs and 10 M&As).


RAD BioMed’s co-founders, Mr. Yehuda Zisapel and Prof. Nava Zisapel, also co-founded the RAD Group and Neurim Pharmaceutical Ltd.

The RAD Group