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an innovative clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing novel pain relief treatments for osteoarthritis

Daniel Barel



Gilad Wolf


The wheel reinvented

SoftWheel’s patented technology replaces traditional spoke-and-rim wheels with an innovative suspension system located directly within the wheel.

These “in-wheel” shock absorbers automatically switch between providing rigidity and cushioning, resulting in unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency.


SoftWheel’s groundbreaking technology can be mounted on any wheeled vehicle to improve comfort while conserving energy.

In wheelchairs, SoftWheels enables riders to go farther with less impact on backs and spines.

In bicycles, SoftWheels affords an exceptionally smooth ride while reducing maintenance costs.

For cars, SoftWheels brings a new energy efficiency to the suspension system, opening up new energy-saving possibilities for the auto industry.

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