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an innovative clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing novel pain relief treatments for osteoarthritis

Debbie Garner



Prof. Menahem Neuman , MD

Medical Director


Boaz Harari

R&D Director


EnPlace - TM - white-small.png

A device that is meshless & minimally-invasive

  • FINGER guide

  • MINIMAL dissection

  • NO mesh implant

  • NO overnight stay required in most cases

  • QUICK return to activities

EnPlace is composed of two main elements: an anchor unit and a delivery system.

Anchor Inserter Delivery System
Patented Finger Guide

A truly minimally-invasive and mesh-free system for pelvic floor ligament fixation. Use of EnPlace takes approximately 30 minutes vs. 90 minutes (or more) for the traditional, standard of care approach.


The patented delivery system enables the precise guidance, insertion and deployment of the anchor unit. The anchor is designed to be introduced through the vaginal wall and secured to the pelvic floor ligament to provide stabilization.

Patient benefits: No mesh-related adverse events

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