an innovative clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing novel pain relief treatments for osteoarthritis

Hagay Drori



Dr. Ygal Rotenstreich, MD

Co-Founder & Medical Director


Dr. Ifat Sher Ph.D,

Co-Founder & CSO

David Daily,

DALI Medical Devices:

Co-Founder & R&D Director​

Enhancing delivery of therapies to the back of

the eye

Everads Therapy Ltd. is a developing a revolutionary drug and cell delivery system for delivering injectable therapies to the back of the eye.


With the goal of overcoming significant challenges in current treatment methodologies for retinal and macular diseases, Everads' platform access method and delivery system offer the promise of improving the efficacy and safety of drug therapies while improving patient compliance and outcomes. 

Established in 2017, Everads Therapy operates within the Rad Biomed incubator in Tel Aviv, Israel.