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an innovative clinical stage biotechnology company that is developing novel pain relief treatments for osteoarthritis

Oren Goldshtein

CEO and co-founder

Dr. Eyal Orion

R&D advisor and co-founder

The medical industry’s 1st system for direct monitoring of LAP, a key indicator of heart failure 

Vectorious has developed the first digital, leadless, battery-free sensory implant able to directly measure left atrial pressure (LAP), the most accurate and earliest indicator of heart distress.

Having completed development and in-animal studies for its first product, the

V-LAP™ monitoring system, Vectorious is ready to launch clinical trials that will lead to its receipt of the CE mark.


The early identification of impending heart failure will enable heart failure patients to routinely manage their condition at home, in coordination with their physician, rather than in the emergency room, which is currently an all too frequent experience for the majority of heart failure patients. 

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